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Part of the benefit of being an Official Manchester United Supporters Club is that the club has an allocation of tickets to the home matches of Manchester United at Old Trafford.


MUSCC is allocated tickets to all Premier League home matches based on our total Man United official members. Tickets must be ordered at least 12 (twelve) weeks before the scheduled match kick-off, but this is subject to change. 

We are allocated 1 ticket for every 20 members for all "A" games which include Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Tottenham and the last match of the season . 

All remaining "B" games, we have been allocated 40 tickets. 

To order tickets, please see the process described below: 


Due to Old Trafford regulations, the timeline for ordering tickets is very strict and must be adhered to under all circumstances. 

Step 1: the MUSCC Ticket Form must be submitted to MUSCC at least 12 (twelve) weeks before the scheduled kick-off of the match. 

Step 2: MUSCC will notify you if the application has been received on time and if there is availability for the match that you've requested. At this point you will be required to send an email money transfer to for $85 CAD. Once this money has been received your ticket is then 100% guaranteed as you have been allocated an MUSCC ticket. NOTE: Due to new security measures, Old Trafford will no longer directly charge your credit card, but instead will charge MUSCC's card 2 weeks before the match. Therefore, you will need to send an email money transfer for the $85 and MUSCC will purchase the ticket on your behalf. Tickets range in price between 40 and 55 pounds for an adult member. MUSCC have found that this has averaged to be roughly $85 over time. 

Step 3: Old Trafford does not process the tickets until 2 weeks before the match. This is an awkward phase as you will not hear from Old Trafford directly until 2 weeks before the match when they will notify you of your seats. This is also when the MUSCC credit card will be charged. Face value tickets are between 40 and 55 pounds each (average of $85 CAD). 

Note that the seats are determined by Old Trafford, not by MUSCC. We have no ability to change/alter these seats. 

Step 4: Print out your Old Trafford confirmation email before going to the match. Also bring your membership card. This card is your match ticket. If you do not have your card for whatever reason, you can go to the membership office at Old Trafford and, for a fee, they will print out your ticket for you. Please bring proper identification. 


Only MUSCC Members as of August 1 of each year are eligible to apply for tickets during the Premier League season. 1 membership entitles the member to 1 ticket during the season in which they are a member. 

Please complete and send the following form, along with your payment, at least 12 (twelve) weeks before the scheduled date of the match.

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